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  • Bhedaghat
    Tourist Place


    Soaring in glittering splendour, the Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat rise to a hundred feet on either side of the Narmada. The serene loveliness of the scene is one of cool quiet, the sunlight sparkling on the marble-white pinnacles and casting dappled shadows on the pellucid waters. These white rocks wit...

  • Bargi Dam
    Tourist Place

    Bargi Dam

    Bargi Dam Location : Bargi Dam is located on the Jabalpur - Nagpur NH - 7 highway. About 40 kms / 45 mins. from Jabalpur city, Tourist Destination Bargi Dam is built on Narmada river. Tourists can enjoy water-sports in Bargi Dam. It is one of the first completed Dam in chain of 30 proposed dams to b...

  • Madan Mahal Fort
    Tourist Place

    Madan Mahal Fort

    Location : Located in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, madan mahal can be easily accessible by local transport in Jabalpur city. It is located on the top of the hill and is based on a single stone. In the earlier days it acts the watch tower against the enemies.Madan Mahal fort is situated i...

  • Chousat Yogini Temple
    Tourist Place

    Chousat Yogini Temple

    Temple is in between Bhedaghat and Dhuandhar. Chousat Yogini is a temple of about 95 beautifully carved statues of Yogini’s. It is top of the small hill with no entrance charge. Here inside the main temple Lord Shiva & Parvati can be seen together on riding on lord Nandi (bull). Main temple is encir...

  • Bhawartal Garden
    Tourist Place

    Bhawartal Garden

    Located at the center of City and only half a Km from Bus-Stand, Bhanwartal is the one of biggest Park of Jabalpur. It is only park established by the municipal corporation of Jabalpur for the citizens of Jabalpur. Now the park is well maintained and is acting a playground for the kids. During the e...

  • Dumna Nature Reserve
    Tourist Place

    Dumna Nature Reserve

    As an excellent getaway, this destination is already a cynosure for the city dwellers. The assets include the dam, the forests, and the wildlife. With the financial support of JMC the destination is being developed by the Forest Department; the area is being protected from all sides by chain-link fe...

  • Lamheta Ghat
    Tourist Place

    Lamheta Ghat

    Important from legendary, religious and scientific point of view, a retreat centre for meditating swami's and sadhus; places of research on Geology. Vast water of Narmada is wonder for tourists. The remains of Bynes or have been found here. There are several old temples and monuments around the ghat...

  • Pisan Hari ki Madiya
    Tourist Place

    Pisan Hari ki Madiya

    One of the important places to see in Jabalpur, the Pisan Hari Jain Temple is actually a temple complex with a number of Jain temples. Locally known as the Pisan Hari Ka Mandir, the temple is a symbol of service and dedication of a poor woman, who started construction of the temple with her hard ear...

  • Gwarighat
    Tourist Place


    Gwarighat is a famous Ghat on the bank of river Narmada besides Jabalpur city in Madhya Pradesh, India. Gwarighat is an important pilgrimage in Jabalpur district. Gwarighat is regarded as the holiest place to Sikhs because according to ancient stories in Gwarighat Guru Nanak (a Sikh guru) stopped to...

  • Rani Durgavati Museum
    Tourist Place

    Rani Durgavati Museum

    At the center of the Jabalpur city, Rani Durgavati Museum was established in year 1976. It is just opposite to Hotel Krishna. Museum is one of the important place to visit during Jabalpur city tour. Rani Durgavati Museum houses some best collection of prehistoric relics, inscriptions and sculptures....

  • Tripur Sundari Temple
    Tourist Place

    Tripur Sundari Temple

    While going towards Bhedaghat from Jabalpur or vice versa, one can go for visit of Tripur Sundari Temple. It can be reached through side road, about 5km. deviation from main road. Tripur Sundari Temple have statue of devi (godess) that emerge from ground. Tripur Sundari Devi is sacred for Kalchuri d...

  • Kachnar City Shiva Temple
    Tourist Place

    Kachnar City Shiva Temple

    Kachnar City is considered best newly developed section of Jabalpur city. With the development of Kachnar city, builder developed a 76 ft. high statue of lord Shiva under open sky. Statue was completed in year 2006 and made available to general public and devotees. Surroundings of statue was develop...

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Jabalpur is a place where you have so much variety to eat. From the best dosa to momos. Chocolate sandwich to an over spiced pav bhaji. From pasta to pizza. We have so many varieties that we often get confused what to eat. And Jabalpurwala is here to help you again. We are providing you with the ...

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