Dhoopgarh is in the dense forest and is the heighest point of satpuda range. One need to pay for forest entry fees and can enter the forest before 5:00 pm. All forest points will be closed on Wed. So do not plan your trip on this day.

Road to the point is excellent. One can go there by hired Gypse also in good personal car. Roads are typically hilly and driver must be experienced to drive on such roads. Ample of car parking available on the top of the hill.

The sunrise point and sunset points are major attraction at Dhoopgarh. Sunrise point is not possible as forest department does not give permit to enter forest before 1000 AM. The sunset is wonderfull and i think the best after sunset at KanyaKumari, TN. The “Doondh” appearing after sunset might be the reason for named this place as Dhoopgarh.

Trakking is negligible and any age person can go the Dhoopgarh points.

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