Its one of the most amazing waterfalls, where one can frolic in the water and have a good time. However, in winter the water is freezing cold but would be pleasant in other seasons. You require to take a gypsy and obtain the forest permit to travel about 4 Kms in a narrow cemented road. Private vehicles are allowed only for the first 0.5 Km only and after that one has to walk if you don’t use the gypsy. After reaching the end of the road, you can descend about 30 steps to arrive at a stream. Older persons can stay at this stream as the further descent is very steep. The same stream descends as the waterfall at the edge of the overhanging rocks. There is a further steep descent of about 300 steep steps and then you arrive at the base of the waterfall. Its really worth the effort, if you are physically fit.

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