Bandhavgarh National Park is one park which has maximum loyalty from all Tiger lovers. There is something about Bandhavgarh and it’s Tiger sightings that one wants to go back again and again to Bandhavgarh. It is normally said that if you are lucky then you will sight a Tiger. But in case of Bandhavgarh it is said that you have to be unlucky not to sight more than one. A park that shot into prominence in mid nineties with advent of “Charger” into the Tala zone and Sita the beautiful Tigress. Subsequently this park has produced many Tigers which became popular with tourists, to name a few, Bamera, B2, Bokha, Kankati, Challenger, B1, Mohini, and few more. But it was B2 which rightly took the baton from Charger, and made Bandhavgarh the central pivot around which Tiger lovers revolve.

The apex court curtailed tourism in 2012, and restrictions were put into place, rightly so. The Tiger sightings improved in Magdhi and Khitauli zones to an extent that all zones became premium.

Bandhavgarh has faced many challenges, but it has bounced back to silence all it’s critics with some tremendous Tiger sightings. My visits to Bandhavgarh since 1996 have been numerous and my love increases many folds every visit. Is it the Tiger sightings here, or something about the trees here which are so compassionate i don’t know. To me Bandhavgarh Beckons, and be rest assured that it will to you as well, visit just once to begin with.

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