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Pisan Hari ki Madiya
Pisan Hari ki Madiya
Pisan Hari ki Madiya

Pisan Hari ki Madiya at a glance

Pisanhari ki Madiya is one of the most beautifully constructed sacred place of Jain religion. It is one of the "must visit" place in Jabalpur. This teerth place is 1008 Shri Parshvanath Digamber Jain Mandir Pisanhari Marhiyaa awarded the name "Atishaya Kshetra" which means Place of Miracles but locally it is known as the Pisanhari ki Madiya only. The management of this place is accomplished by "Pisanhari Marhiyaa Trust Committee" of Jabalpur city.

Explore Pisan Hari ki Madiya

Symbol of Faith and Dedication: There is a story behind the construction of this holy place which began 500 years ago. This temple is a symbol of faith and dedication of a poor woman, who started construction of the temple with her hard earned money. It is said that she accumulated the fund by grinding flour in the mills. The word Pisanhari denotes "the lady who prepares wheat flour through hand operated stone mill", it's a tribute to that hardworking woman who dedicated her life for the construction of this holy place.

Peshwa ki Marhiyaa Here is one more saying about the construction of this pilgrimage place. Around 500 years ago this whole place is under the regime of the Gond Rajputs. One of its Jain Peshwa decided to construct a Jain temple on top of the hill, so this place is also known as the "Peshwa ki Marhiyaa". But this place is more acknowledged as the "Pisanhari ki Marhiyaa" due to the dedication of above said old woman in the journey of belief.

Attractions at Pisan Hari ki Madiya

This temple was built during the nineteenth century on the top of 300 ft. heighted hill. The Pisanhari Jain Temple is actually a temple complex with a number of Jain temples. Central temple has two idols established in 1587 it is the oldest idols of this area. There are 13 other temple and some small temples namely Maan Stumbh, Shri Nandishwar Dweep Jinaalaya, Samavsaran mandir, Bhagvan Baahubali and many more. Here you can find a pond known as the "Varni Kund". This pond was dried long ago but due to the induction of Poojya Ganesh Prashadji Varni this pond again sufficed with water. The history reveals two inspiring story linked to the creation of this divine place.

Facts about Pisan Hari ki Madiya

Yearly congregation: In this temple so many activities are associated during the religious event like Kshamaavaani, Das Lakshan Parva and so on.

Divine Environment: As this temple is situated on a hill, there is lots of greenery which provides a calm and beautiful environment around the temple. This peaceful environment is most suitable for the activities like meditation and penance which will lead you to the peace of mind and soul. The type of the temple and visiting hours: It is a Digamber temple. You can visit this temple all days of week at 6:00 am to 9:00pm.

Other amenities: For the staying purpose of pilgrims the management committee provided Dharmshala having 60 well equipped rooms with all basic facilities like electricity, water, and hand pump.

How to Reach Pisan Hari ki Madiya

Pisanhari ki Madiya is located in the Jabalpur City of Madhya Pradesh, India. Pisanhari Jain Temple is situated at a distance of 7 Kilometers from the heart of the Jabalpur city on the Jabalpur-Nagpur road. The distance between the Jabalpur city bus stand and temple is 5 km. The Railway Station is located at a distance of 8 km from the temple. So, one can use both public as well as private transport on the way of this holy place. The famous Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College lies very close to the place.

Published on Wednesday, 23 February 2011 | by Sonil Jain

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