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Lamheta Ghat
Lamheta Ghat
Lamheta Ghat

Lamheta Ghat at a glance

Lamheta Ghta is one of the most important ghat from legendary, religious and scientific point of view, it acts as a retreat centre for meditating swami's and sadhus; and also a place of research on Geology. Vast water of Narmada is wonder for tourists. The remains of Bynes or have been found here. There are several old temples and monuments around the ghats which gives the information that the Gond people were living around the ghats of the Narmada River in the ancient times.

Explore Lamheta Ghat

This ghat is surrounded by many ancient temples. These temples are constructed by the Beohar dynasty in between 16th to 18th century. The oldest temples of this ghat are Radhika-Madhav temple which is also known as the temple of Radha-Krishna and Radha-Govind temple, the Rudra-Bhaskar also identified as Shiv-Surya temple.

Attractions at Lamheta Ghat

Shankarki Maharaji Mandir Parisar:
There is a complex series of 7 to 8 temples on the banks of holy River Narmada which also incorporated a Dharmshala and this whole architecture is known as the "Shankarki Maharaji Mandir Parisar". The temples of this parisar are mainly constructed by R.R. Sardar Beohar Kehari Simha in between the year 1738 to 1845. His son Beohar Dariyav Simha continued the extension of the mandir parisar during his dynasty which is fulfilled in between1760 to 1850.

Facts about Lamheta Ghat

The significance of the Lamheta ghat is far more as compare to the Bhedaghat or any other tourist place because Lameta formations are founded here. "Lameta formations" are distinguished from the other sedimentary rock formations due to the presence of Dinosaur fossils. "Lametasaurus" and "Jubbulpuria" are the two species of the dinosaurs which are founded here and named upon this place.

Managing Authority of Lamheta Ghat: Maintenance of the Lamheta ghat is under the authority of Narmada Ghati Vikas Pradhikaran also known as the Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA). Although it is a public place, the temples are mainly comes under the trust pertain to the Beohar family. The name of the trust is "Sri Radhakrishna Charitable Private Trust". The main trustee to this trust is Beohar Dr. Anupam Simha. The main priest of the temple is the family priest of the Beohar family named Pandit Santosh Dubey Ji Maharaj.

How to Reach Lamheta Ghat

It is located in the Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is situated at the distance of some kilometers upstream of Dhuandhar as well as Tilwara-Medical Bypass road. To visit Lamheta Ghat one can easily get any taxi, auto or bus.

Published on Saturday, 16 March 2013 | by Sonil Jain

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