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Bhawartal Garden
Bhawartal Garden
Bhawartal Garden

Bhawartal Garden at a glance

Bhanwartal Park is entitled as the most preferred picnic spot of Jabalpur City. Located at the center of City and only half a Km from Bus-Stand, Bhanwartal is the one of biggest Park of Jabalpur. Now the park is well maintained and is acting a playground for the kids. During the early morning, senior citizen comes here for the morning walk and to attend their yoga classes. The park is located at the city center and is very near to the main Bus Stop of Jabalpur. Visitors coming to Jabalpur during work also come here to spend some time and then later in evening they can catch their bus or train for their onward destination.

Explore Bhawartal Garden

Bhanwartal Garden is the oldest park of the Jabalpur city. It is only park established by the municipal corporation of Jabalpur dedicated to the citizens of Jabalpur. A statue of heroic Gond governess Rani Durgavati is establishes in between the park. This is the first park in which Toy Train was established by the municipal corporation.

Attractions at Bhawartal Garden

Skating Ground: For the kids skating ground is the main attraction but this is not the only one here you can also find different kind of swings, Dinosaur slides, trees shaped in many attractive figures like elephant, giraffe and so on.

Dome Shaped Auditorium: Here you can also find a dome shaped architecture. This structure is positioned tall and the interesting thing about this architecture is here you can sing without using mike.

Beautiful View: The view of this park is like scenery which provides a calm feeling to the visitors, which is helpful for their relaxation.

Facts about Bhawartal Garden

The well known spiritual teacher, public speaker and philosopher "Osho" who is also known as "Acharya Rajneesh" got self incarnation in this place.

How to Reach Bhawartal Garden

This park is located in the Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh, India. As the distance of this park from the city bus stand is only one km. one can easily reached here by bus, taxi, car or auto. The distance between the railway station and the park is around 4 km. It is located in the middle of the city so to get a transport medium is not a big deal.

Published on Monday, 28 December 2015 | by Sonil Jain

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