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Abhishek Tiwari

Abhishek Tiwari Assistant Manager (The Times of India)

Aditi Chaurasia

Aditi Chaurasia CEO (Engineerbabu)

Akash Panjwani

Akash Panjwani Director (Lucent Academy)

Anupam Majumdar

Anupam Majumdar Co Founder (Provanic & Chaibaaz)

Apoorva Sharma

Apoorva Sharma Sr.Software Engineer (Xchanging)

Ashish Chandrol

Ashish Chandrol

Ashish Kumar Singh

Ashish Kumar Singh Support Manager (Flipkart)

Ashish Vishwakarma

Ashish Vishwakarma

Avdhesh Solanki

Avdhesh Solanki Founder (Jabalpurwala & Motorbabu)

Ayushi Sahu

Ayushi Sahu SAP GRC Consultant (ITC Infotech)

Bhoopendra Singh

Bhoopendra Singh Head of Operations (Motorbabu)

Bhupendra Singh Thakur

Bhupendra Singh Thakur Assistant Professor (SIET)

Jai Mishra

Jai Mishra Founder (Bilaspurwala)

Kalpesh Sahu

Kalpesh Sahu CO-Tech (Renault)

Manish Dhane

Manish Dhane SEO Manager (Motorbabu)

Manish Mishra

Manish Mishra IT Support (Rachiyta)

Mayank Pratap Singh

Mayank Pratap Singh CTO (Engineerbabu)

Pinky Sundarani

Pinky Sundarani Software Engineer (Cognizant)

Pooja Dubey

Pooja Dubey Assistant Professor (HCET)

Poorvi Sharma

Poorvi Sharma Operation Manager (Reliance Insurance)

Ramu Kumar Vishwakarma

Ramu Kumar Vishwakarma Designer (Provanic)

Reena Jain

Reena Jain Assistant Professor (DIMAT-Raipur)

Rohit Jain

Rohit Jain Junior Engineer (MPEB)

Shashank Sharma

Shashank Sharma Regional Team Leader (STFC)

Shivika Yadav

Shivika Yadav

Somesh Khare

Somesh Khare Creative Head (Rachyita)

Sonil Jain

Sonil Jain SAP Consultant (HP)

Sourabh Patel

Sourabh Patel Professor (Lucent Academy)

Vaibhav Behre

Vaibhav Behre Software Engineer (Intel)

Vaibhav Jain

Vaibhav Jain Co-ordinator (Jabalpurwala)

Vaibhav Kumar

Vaibhav Kumar HR (South Eastern Carriers Pvt Ltd)

Zubear Ansari

Zubear Ansari Developer (Provanic)

The Anonymous Super Heroes of Bhedaghat 08 Jul 2017

Bhedaghat is not just an another tourist spot for jabalpur. It's something more for us. It's a place where our heart reside. And not just the dhuadhar fall makes its special but also the kids showing their talent and risking their life adds up colour to this place.
And this video could give ...

11 Temples You Must Visit in Jabalpur Irrespective of Your Religion 06 Jul 2017

Jabalpur is called sanskardhani for a reason. The people here are into spirituality, religion. I see women going to temples every morning. Even the men and youngsters are not behind. Visiting temple is an integral part of our life. We not only worship God but also have a belief in its power. Temp...

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    RoboKriti.India eCommerce Manager
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    RoboKriti.India Marketing Executive
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    Tastebunch Manager
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    Registered NGO Automobile Trainers
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    Telecom Limited Promoters in Telecom
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