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"Jabalpur Engineering College" is the second oldest engineering college in India July 1947 Priyansh Shrivastava
Jabalpur is, in a way, the heart of India. About 50 kms from Jabalpur is the village Manohargaon in Katni district, which is the Geographical Centre point of India. Jabalpur was ruled by various Gond rulers and lastly by the Bhonsles of Nagpur, till it was annexed by the British in 1817. 1817 Shashank Kaurav
Major Earth Quake in Jabalpur 23 January 2002 Manish Mishra
Jabalpur came under the network of railways as early as in 1870s.It was within 17 years fter running of first train in India between Bombay and Thane on April 16, 1853, that the railways was set up in Jabalpur as Well. 1870 Rajmani Iyer
First shopping mall (South Avenue Mall ) opened in Jabalpur City in 2009. Oct 2009 Rajmani Iyer
world famous game snooker, was first played in narmada club of jabalpur around 1935 Deependra singh
Bargi dam is constructed with the asociation of tarapur company the main constuction took place inthe year of1980 Deependra singh
Tripuri Adhiveshan March 1939 Anupam Majumdar
Spence Training College shifted to Nagpur to Jabalpur,Later known as PSM Jabalpur.Now upgraded as Institute of Advanced Study in Education 1902 Tarun Guha Neogi
One of the premier educational institutions in the State, St. Aloysius is owned and established by the Catholic Diocese of Jabalpur, and is administered through the Jabalpur Diocesan Educational Society (JDES), a registered body under the Society of Registration Act M.P. 1968. St. Aloysius School had its humble beginning in 1869, when Fr. Matagnoux Delalex MSFS from Nagpur started the School with four orphan children. The Primary School got recognition from the Government in 1873, and the middle in 1884. As the number of students increased a new building was put up blessed and inaugurated by Bishop Coppel on October 13, 1915. The devotion, dedication and commitment of several MSFS, Norbertine and Diocesan Fathers and Teachers are a standing witness behind the name and fame of this institution. St. Aloysius School accommodated St. Thomas Middle and High School from 1948 till the latter shifted to the new campus in 1956. The School was following the Cambridge syllabus for quite some ti 1869 Nihal Sarawgi
Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) Jabalpur is a unit of Ordnance Factory Board under Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. GCF was established in the year 1904. It is the first Ordnance Factory in Central India which have been providing the Armed Forces with the latest Armaments and Weapons adopting best practices, highest quality and integrity 1904 Nihal Sarawgi
India today won its first ever bronze medal in junior women hockey World Cup after defeating England 3-2 on penalties in Monchengladbach, Germany 4 Aug 2013 Ankit Kesarwani
shubhash chandra bose won over mahatma gandhi in 1939 congress session held at tripuri 1939 Vedant Yadav
The Imperial Gazetteer of India (1908) records that wheat, gram, pulses and oilseeds (sesame, rapeseed, mustard) are the principal exports. Hemp is sent to both Calcutta and Bombay for export to England. Considerable quantities of ghee and forest produce (lac, mahuva ) are despatched from Jubbulpore, but most of this comes from Seoni and Mandla. Hides and horns, bones and dried beef are also largely exported. Other exports were limestone, bauxite, cement, and porcelain 1908 Sanjeet Patel
One of the more intriguing monuments to Jabalpur's past in the Madan Mahal Fort. On a historical note, a pleasure resort and capital of the Gond Kings during the 12th century, Jabalpur was later the seat of the Kalchuri dynasty. The Marathas held sway over Jabalpur until 1817, when the British wrested it from them and left their impression on the spacious cantonment with its colonial residences and barracks. Today Jabalpur is an important administrative centre, abustle with commercial activity. 1817 Sanjeet Patel
VFJ JABALPUR is the only vehicle factory owned by government. Also Shaktiman trucks and Stallions are manufactured here. 1969 Shushma Sinha
Ujjwal Soni was Born on 05/05/1991, its also a same date of Birthday Of Gyani Jail Singh. He was The 7th Precident Of INDIA. 05/05/1916 Ujjwal Soni
Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were immersed in the holy river Narmada February 12, 1948 Abhishek Kumar Jain
Christ Church Girls Senior Secondary School founded on 1 November 1870 Ritu Gupta
Jabalpur Collectorate became the first one to have obtained 9001 Certificate April 1, 2007 Abhishek Kumar Jain
The Gun Carriage Factory was started in the year 1904 by the British in India. This Factory is the oldest Ordnance factory in entire Central India. 1904 Gopi Krishan Garhwal
Osho moves to jabalpur for studying 1951 Anshuj Garg
WCR Railway zone was formed at Jabalpur 1 April , 2003 Pratik Shukla
52nd Tripuri Congress Session presided by Subhash Chandra Bose March 1939 Chandni Vishwakarma
Jabalpur Engineering College was established 07 July 1947 Ayushi Sahu
Rani Durgawati was died 24 June 1564 Ramu Vishwakarma
Khandari Water Works was opened by Sir J. H. Morris, Chief Commissioner,Central Province 26 Feb 1883 Anupam Majumdar
Jabalpur High Court was established 01 Nov 1956 Anupam Majumdar
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was born 12 Jan 1918 Bhoopendra singh Thakur
The end of an era- Empire Talkies 03 Oct 2012 Anupam Majumdar
Death of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 05 Feb 2008 Manish Mishra
Earthquake in Jabalpur. Magnitude 6.0 22 may 1997 Avdhesh Solanki
eg. major earth quake in Jabalpur
eg. 22 may 1997
eg. Manish Mishra
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